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Creative Chaos is how we roll...
is there any other way?

If you've got it, flaunt it.


FLORA DOONE has assembled a group of multi-faceted, talented people who are graphic and website designers, writers, event producers... who are also mothers, fathers, pet owners, and generally people who have a lust for life and get really excited by change and creativity.

    If you present us with something we've never done, even better. We'll make it happen because we'll learn on the fly, and we're not happy until you are happy.

     But, if you hit us up for something we're already really good at, then you are getting Something Else at its best.


That's how we roll!

Web Design

Nobody should be held hostage by their web developer.  We design websites to reflect you and your product or brand, transfer ownership and teach you how to work it. Or if you prefer, we'll stay on and be a part of your team.

Promotional Items

Promotional items on pretty much anything you can dream up! Or if you prefer us to do the dreaming...

Print & Packaging

Who said print would be replaced by digital everything? Have you seen your mailbox? Read a good magazine lately? Ordered a product that came with a well designed brochure?

     Collateral, Branding, Packaging, Ad Design, Publications & other printed materials are still here, and so are we!

Ghost Writing, Editing & Copy

"Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts" ~ Patrick Rothfuss.  

   Let us help you light the fires with clever words and phrases, copy that can open hearts if you need warm and fuzzy, or copy that will open minds.

Logo Design

What says more about your brand then a recognizable image? Think of all the products you come across on a daily basis that are familiar only because you know and trust a simple image. That's logo design and trust us... we can make a simple image speak volumes!

Event Production

Yes, we even do event production and have an amazing roster of people who can make yours a memorable one.

From book release parties to full event planning you've got SOMETHING ELSE! We offer planning, day of attendant. decor, catering, activities and more!

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